About Kaerbear’s Healthcare

Kaerbear’s Healthcare is a home health agency that provides quality services in the home environment. We have been providing home care services in South Florida to residents since 2004. Our staff and professionals are highly experienced and trained, not only clinically, but also in treating clients using a holistic approach to understand patients, their rights, and the importance of client involvement in all decisions. We recognize that each and every individual has their own desires for the type of care they want to receive.
We encourage clients to participate in the plan of care and we individualize the plan of care for each person depending on religious, cultural, spiritual, and ethnic backgrounds.

We are locally owned and have been operating in South Florida since 2004.  The agency was started in 2004 by a Registered Nurse, Karen McGrath.  Karen has worked in Home care in South Florida for over 20 years.  Her experience is in Chronic Disease Management.