Falls are NO JOKING MATTER. A simple fall could result in a debilitating condition or even death. Even though it is hard to believe, the fact of the matter is that death and severe disability could be the result of a slip and fall at home. Kaerbear’s Healthcare provides an IN-HOME ASSESSMENT FOR FALL PREVENTION ON EVERY INITAIL IN HOME VISIT.

We take matters seriously. During your initial assessment, a Registered Nurse will provide a home safety assessment. An evaluation will be completed that will include all the diagnosis that a patient may be suffering from that may contribute to HIGH FALL RISK. Diagnosis may include: Parkinson’s, diminished vision/ loss of vision, hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, painful wounds, dementia, anxiety and the list can go on and on. After the diagnosis assessment is completed the nurse will assess the patient’s functional ability next such as weakness, balance, strength, use of assistive devices and coordination as well as provide a home fall risk assessment which includes an assessment of items in the home which may cause a fall such as an area rug, inadequate lighting, slippery floors.

The nurse will provide education on fall prevention for HIGH RISK areas that are found during the assessment. Kaerbear’s Healthcare Fall Management Fall reduction program is designed to understand the nature of a patient fall and to prevent future falls from happening.

Once the RISK ASSESSMENT HAS been completed a comprehensive care plan to help prevent future falls is developed. The care plan may include an evaluation by the physical, occupational and speech therapists and nursing professionals.

To determine appropriate interventions when cognitive issues are present, the team also assesses the patient’s specialized risk factors. Those factors may include dementia, Alzheimer’s, comprehension, anxiety, denial, fear of falling, physical limitations, lack of proper use of assistive devices, and often depression.
Once the patient has been thoroughly evaluated and a proper plan of care has been formulated with the patient our clinicians will work diligently to improve and reduce the fall risk for the client. We can work on strengthening, balance, coordination, posture and device use, and safety concerns. Additional assistive devices may be recommended if required to improve the safety of the client.

Patient education is our first and primary focus at this point in the plan of care. We will include the patient in the treatment plan and the client’s needs and recommendations will ALWAYS be taken into consideration during the course of treatment.

Fall prevention is a TOP PRIORITY for the team at Kaerbear’s Healthcare. With proper therapeutic intervention, education and support, falls can be significantly minimized