Our social work team will take the burden off the client’s hands and provide case management by coordinating the needs of the client with various providers. Our Social workers will find assistance programs, complete applications, and will work side by side clients, caregivers, and providers to make sure that the client is able to find the resources needed to achieve the highest level of care. Our Social Work Services are a great starting point for clients who have multiple needs that do not even know where to begin.

After a client is admitted for Home Health Services a Social Worker may provide an assessment to help plan for and meet the long-term needs of the patient. The visit may also help to identify any limitations, barriers, or safety issues that might delay recovery. Patient education regarding community resources and support will be provided to the patient as well as assistance with any other service needs that are identified during the assessment.

Social Workers

Some services that Social Workers will coordinate include services such as:

  • Transportation
  • Meal Assistance Programs
  • Medication Assistance Programs
  • Medically Necessary services
  • Provider Coordinated Services
  • Community resource planning and coordination of care between providers
  • Advance Directives: Power of Attorney; Living Will; Healthcare Surrogate
  • Assistance in emotional adjustments to life changes such as grieving and coping with loss and change
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assistance with applications for financial assistance and Medicaid
  • Counseling with life-style changes

Social Work Services are great way for families to get more involved with the patients care. Social Workers can help with family participation and communication for patients and families who live far away in other states, or for families who are unable to visit for other reasons.

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