1. Store medications in a safe, dry and cool place. Heat and moisture will damage many medications.
  2. Keep medications out of the reach of all children, even a small overdose of medication, and either presentation or over the counter, can cause injury and death to young children. If you suspect a child has taken medication call Poison Control: 800 282-3171. Someone will answer 24 hours per day. If you have no phone, take the child and the medication to the hospital, or have a neighbor call 911.
  3. Always READ THE LABEL on the bottle before taking the medication.
  4. Never place any other medication in the bottle.
  5. Take medications as ordered by your physician or as described on the label clover the counter medications,
  6. Never “make up a dose” unless you check with your doctor or pharmacist at the drug store.
  7. Never exceed the recommended daily dose of an over the counter medication unless your doctor tells you it is necessary.
  8. Never take medication prescribed for someone else, even if you have the same diagnosis or illness. You may have other medical issues that are different, and would effect the action of the drug.
  9. Always read the written material given to you with every medication. Keep the information so that you may refer to it if you have any unusual physical or emotional incidents. It may be related,
  10. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL OR EAT FOODS LISTED AS “CONTRAINDICATED” ON THE BOTTLE OR IN THE WRITTEN HANDOUT. If you are unable to read or see the label, call the pharmacist or the nurse.
  11. If you have trouble remembering when to take medications, or whether or not you have take the medication, make a calendar and mark off the medications as you take them.
  12. Remember, vitamins and herbal items obtained from a health food store are still drugs and can cause overdose and side effects ii taken incorrectly.
  13. Before taking herbal treatments check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure they will not interfere with or potentate (make stronger) the actions of any of your prescribed medications,
  14. Flush unused medications down the toilet.