Caring for Patients of All Ages

Pediatric Care

pediatric care
Kaerbears Healthcare hires nurses and therapists that work with patients of all populations. Our multidisciplinary TEAM approach is designed to create personalized care for everyone. We provide HIGH TECH nursing services to pediatric populations that suffer from complications related to premature and low birth weight deliveries, apnea, anemia, chronic lung diasease or bronchopulmonary dysplasia, respiratory distress syndrome, bradycardia, among others. Treatments may include any of the following but not limited to : Nasogastric/ Gastic Feeding and monitoring, medication management including intravenous & intramuscular medication administration and oversight, ventilator care & suction, wound care & treatments. We also provide basic nursing care for pediatric patients. Basic care may be provided either by a nurse or nurse assistant for monitoring and ongoing evaluation and assessment to prevent complications related to a diagnosis or condition. Upon admission to the agency a Registered Nurse will provide a complete assessment of all diagnosis, medications, and review physician orders. A plan of care will be developed with the specific services that are covered by insurance and services that are not covered by insurance will be reviewed with the client and the caretaker. The client and caretaker will be involved in the planning process to make sure that we are able to meet the needs of the client in a cost effective manner.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care
Kaerbears Healthcare has been providing Geriatric care to seniors since 2004. Our staff is highly trained to meet the needs of seniors. We provide specialized care for patients with diagnosis such as Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Hypertension, Dementia, Glaucoma and other eye disorders, among others. Each plan of care is diagnostic specific. Treatments may include: Wound care, injections, intravenous medication administration, feeding tube maintenance, ostomy maintenance, education, monitoring and evaluation, among others. Services are normally multidisciplinary and the patient may requiring more than one type of service at a time such as Therapy or Social Work services.

Specialized Services

This type of care is for patients of ALL AGES that requiring long term care for the management of a permanent or chronically debilitating condition. Specialized conditions include: Paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinsons, Epilepsy, among others. Services may include wound care, bowel and bladder care and maintenence, medication management, external ostomy care, therapy modalities, and non skilled custodial care for activities of daily living and hygiene measures. A medical Social Worker may also work with the client on an as needed basis for Case Management needs.

CALL the agency at : 305-940-6208 or 954-923-3060 TO SCHEDULE YOUR IN HOME ASSESSMENT.

Providing Quality Care

We are accredited by the Joint Commission for Health Accreditation. What does that mean? It means that we have a National Stamp of Approval from a highly recognized health care accrediting body for the quality of care that we provide. We are committed to meeting National standards on a daily basis. We have a quality assurance program that integrates all areas of care. This means that we are able to provide client-centered, safe care, that is both cost- effective and of the highest quality.

How Do I Get the Services Started?

Our home health agency accepts referrals from medical doctors for Nursing and therapy services. To receive custodial care and the assistance of a home health aide just call the agency or fill out the information on the web site and we can begin services.