Custodial Care is nonmedical assistance — either at home or in a nursing or assisted-living facility that is provided to clients by Homecare Staff. Staff provide assistance with the activities of daily life (such as bathing, eating, dressing, using the toilet) for someone who’s unable to fully perform those activities without help. Staff may also help with errands, shopping, meal set up and preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, and all other non-medical daily tasks that clients require assistance with. Custodial caregivers provide companionship and may escort clients on errands and with activities that might be difficult to complete alone. Normally custodial care is NOT covered by insurance. Some insurances such as long term care insurance providers will pay for some custodial care. However, even long term care policies require that clients are evaluated by a registered nurse and meets the qualifications of the program before payment can be met. For more information on how to get started call the agency today and request your IN HOME CONSULTATION.

Specific Types of Custodial Care

Alzheimer’s Disease Management Care & Dementia Care:

Bathing, dressing, hygiene, companion care, feeding, errands, drive to MD appointments, cooking, cleaning, medication administration, and safety and fall prevention.

Elderly Care

Similar to Alzheimer and Dementia Care, elderly care offers a variety of non-medical assistance. Addition services include safety and fall prevention, assistance with medications, assist with all ADL’s and hygiene measures.