I cannot really remember when I started service with Kaerbear’s Healthcare. It has been so long. I think it was back in 2008. I feel like I can address all of problems to the agency and it will be resolved. The home care staff goes beyond their job of assignment for me.

They have become family to me. I need the nurse and the aide every day.  The aide comes to my house twice a day.  Once to get me out of bed using a hoyer lift and the other time to put me to bed.  Kaerbears sends me the same people all the time and when I need a replacement they send me the same replacements.  They train the new people that come and work with me. They treat me good. I am just grateful to have you guys.

Kaerbears has been providing service for my husband for close to 2 years. My husband has Alzheimer’s and when the caregivers from the agency come in I can leave and take a break.  I am exhausted because my husband is up all night. I must have reliable care because he is just too much for me to handle.   I trust the caregivers that come from Kaerbears.  I can leave the house without feeling concerned. Some of them paint and play games while I am out. They keep him occupied and busy.  They help with meal preparation and feeding.

I wish the caregivers could help me every day.  I recommend the agency.  Of course there are some caregivers that I prefer more than others.  I call the agency and let them know who I prefer and they try to accommodate the schedule to have the people I like the most.

-Spouse of Alzheimer’s patient

I have been with the company for several years. When I left and moved to another country I came right back to Kaerbears. When I came back they treated me like I never left. The staff is great and some of them have become like members of the family.  I am a quadriplegic and I do not have any family in South Florida.   The staff at Kaerbear’s Has been there for me for everything I need.

The home care staffs are very patient with me, with the work and care they are providing for me. I will recommend the company to anybody that needs home health. I wish the best to the company.

I have been with the service since 2006. The caregivers listen to me and take their time getting to know me and my specific needs.  My situation requires that I have someone who knows me everyday.  It is very hard for me to have new people come in.  Kaerbears is consistent with their caregivers. If I did not have the services I would not be able to live at home. I must have someone taking care of me every day.   I appreciate my caregivers and highly recommend the agency to anyone who is looking for one.
Dear Karen, You are a dear friend and I will always be grateful for everything you do.  Doug and I are Truly blessed with a wonderful support system.  We both thank you for everything.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire staff at Kaerbears Healthcare for their deep concern for me. I am pleased and very impressed with the way I am being treated by the nurses and aides.  They are all very nice to me and they provide anything I ask for. They are always in time.  I am so amazed at how God led me to your company.  I would highly recommend your agency to friends, family or others.  Thank you again.  May God Bless
I am so grateful that I have a wonderful girl who helps me.  I have been with Kaerbears for a couple of years now and everyone that they have sent to me has been great.  I have had the same aide ever since I started with the company. The nurse comes every so often and checks on me to make sure I’m ok and the services are ok.  I highly recommend Kaerbears.
I have been with Kaerbears since 2009.  Before them I had gone through several companies who would either not show up or send me someone who had no experience.  With Kaerbears I had a great aide from day 1.  She was with me for several years.  Every couple of years I get a new person and usually the person stays for a while.  If I don’t like the aide, they send all I do is call the office and they will send me a new one right away.  They work with me to find someone for me that I want to work with.  I highly recommend this company.
I call the agency on Wednesday for 24-hour care on the weekends that I am not available to take care of my dad.  They send me someone Friday so that I can meet the person before I leave.  When I get back, the house is clean, my dad is happy, and I have no complaints.  Usually the caregiver calls me every day while I’m gone to tell me what’s going on.  I appreciate the communication.  Sometimes they send me someone at the last minute also.  I appreciate the help.
I have a nurse every day for wound care and bowel and bladder care.  She comes at 530am and is done by 630am.  She does not talk to me she just comes in and does her job.  I appreciate what she does.  When she leaves, the aide comes in gets me up and out of bed with a hoyer lift and gives me a shower.  The girls are competent and show up on time.  I recommend the services.  No hassle.  Everything is easy with them.