How do I get services started?

Call the agency so that a representative can help you with your specific needs. Some patients may require a doctor’s order (skilled care needs) to get started while others may be able to start right away without a prescription (all nonskilled care custodial care and some private duty care requests). If you are not sure which type of care you need the best thing to do is call the agency and request an In-Home Assessment.

Will my insurance pay for my care?

Depending on the type of insurance that you have your skilled care needs should be covered under your policy. Most insurance policies cover skilled care while others such as long term care policies cover non-skilled care (custodial care). Call the agency with your insurance information and we will be able to check your eligibility and benefits.

If my insurance does not pay how much will care cost me?

Home Health Costs are based on several factors which include:

  • The level of care required (which activities the client requires assistance with and/or what skills are required during care)
  • The type of care (nursing, custodial care, therapy)
  • The length of time required to provide care
  • The service area
  • The time of care. (night, day, weekend, holiday, emergency last minute).

Call the agency and set up an in home consultation. We will be able to give you the actual cost during the appointment and not an estimated cost.

Will my doctor approve the services that I need?

  • By the time the nurse completes her assessment she will be able to determine during her visit to your home what services you qualify for and if they can be insurance paid or if they require any payment or out of pocket expense to you.
  • If you meet the requirements and are eligible for the home health benefits, most doctors will approve home health services as the services are beneficial for patients.
  • The nurse and the agency will be able to contact your medical doctor with your consent to discuss the plan of care, obtain orders, and manage your care needs.

Who chooses which agency I am supposed to use for Home Health?

The patient is supposed to choose the home care agency.

What does Homebound mean?

  • Homebound is a Medicare term used to define the patient’s functional status. Medicare will only pay for homecare for clients who are homebound. Homebound means that a person is confined to the home because leaving the home requires a considerable taxing effort and the person is unable to get out the home without the assistance of another person or device. Other homebound reasons may be due to an unsteady gait, weakness, poor balance- requires walker/wheelchair, cane, high fall risk, limited weight bearing status, cognitive impairments, morbid obesity, shortness of breath, among others.
  • During your initial consultation, the Registered Nurse will assess the client’s homebound status and can determine if the client is homebound and meets this requirement.

Are the staff licensed and insured?

Of course, All staff are properly screened and licensed. The agency is licensed, insured, and bonded. We conduct a level two background screening; driver’s license check and reference check for all staff. Professional licenses are checked with the Department of Health prior to hire for all positions that require a professional license. Such as RN, LPN, PT, OT, COA, PTA, ST, MSW. Custodial care positions require training and not a professional license.

What if I do not like my caregiver?

Personality is important when receiving care your home. It’s important to feel comfortable and to get along with the staff caring for you. If you have any special requests, please call the office and let us know.

Why is home care the best option for the patient?

  • Home care eliminates unnecessary risk factors and the primary focus is the patient in a reduced stress environment. Most patients can recover quicker and with less trauma and complications in the comfort of their own home.
  • Chronic illness and disease management require ongoing monitoring, adjustment, and daily management. Home care services provide effective management and preventative healthcare so that patients can live in the home safely.