Our staff and Healthcare professionals are highly qualified. It is the policy of Kaerbear’s Healthcare for all professionals to work together for assessment and coordination of nursing and rehabilitation care. Kaerbear’s Healthcare screens all professionals and staff with a LEVEL TWO BACKGROUND/ FINGERPRINT SCREENING, driver’s license check, reference check, professional license inquiry and we require extensive continuing education courses and in-services on a regular basis throughout employment.

For employment purposes, all applicants must have the following documents completed before their application can be processed for interview:

  1. Application
  2. Two Employment References
  3. Two Character References
  4. Resume on file
  5. Level Two fingerprint screening
  6. Driver’s license screening
  7. Two forms of identification that meet the requirements for form I9
  8. Valid Driver’s License
  9. Social Security Card or work permit
  10. Physical Exam with tuberculosis screening or X Ray within 3 months of hire
  11. CPR Training and certification
  12. Professional License with Florida Department of Health License Verification
  13. Continuing Education Requirements
  14. HIV
  15. Domestic Violence
  16. Medical Documentation
  17. Assisting with Self Medication Administration- For Home Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants
  18. 12 In-service courses annually for all non-licensed professionals
  19. All state required Continuing Education Coursework
  20. Home Health Aide Certificate- if not licensed (75-hour course work)- This certificate is required for all Home Aides and Companions.
  21. All home Aides are required to have training in “Assisting Clients with Self Medication”.