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Radicava, A New Drug Treatment or ALS

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The newest drug treatment for patients with ALS has come in the form of edaravone, commonly known as Radicava. After going 22 years without any new drugs, ALS patients can now look toward Radicava as a possible treatment option. In a recent study, this intravenous injection has been found to reduce the rate of motor skill decline in over 30 percent of ALS patients.

Here are a few things you should know about Radicava before discussing possible treatment options with your physician.

  • Radicava is administered by daily infusions. Each infusion typically last for about one hour.
  • The treatment is administered for two weeks, daily, to start followed by a two-week break period. Then the patient would undergo cycles of 10 days of treatment followed by two weeks off the treatment.
  • Total annual cost for this drug treatment is around $150,000.
  • Side effects of this drug may include headaches, bruising, and gait issues.

One important thing to know about this exciting new treatment option is that it is just that. A treatment option. Radicava is not a cure for ALS, however it may be an effective new treatment to help patients slow their physical decline from the disease and improve their current quality of life.