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Speech Therapy for Stroke Survivors

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A stroke occurs when blood supply is reduced or cut off to part of the brain. The severity and effects of a stroke vary from person to person.  Strokes can cause temporary or permanent paralysis to one side of the body, problems with speech and language, vision problems, behavioral changes, and memory problems.  Aphasia, the loss of the ability to understand or express speech, is a common symptom of a stroke. Speech therapy is the most effective way to treat aphasia and regain the ability to communicate effectively.

How Can Speech Therapy Help?

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), also known as Speech Therapists, specialize in evaluating and treating individuals with speech, language, and swallowing disorders. Depending on the type of aphasia, speech therapy may focus on:

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Tongue Strengthening Exercises

  • Word Retrieval

  • Role Play

  • Sentence Formulation

  • & More

Following a stroke, speech therapy can help improve difficulties in speech and language and overall improve an individual’s quality of life. If you or a loved one would benefit from speech therapy following a stroke, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our exceptional Speech Language Pathologists.

We Are Hiring!

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Kaerbear’s Healthcare is seeking highly qualified, reliable, and compassionate Home Health Aides to work in the North Miami and Miami areas.

We are looking for individuals to provide assistance in daily living and personal care services in patient’s homes. Home Health Aide responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with bathing, dressing, and skin care
  • Hair Care
  • Shaving
  • Toileting and Toilet Hygiene
  • Assisting with Range of Motion, Assistive Devices, Transfer, and Ambulation
  • Exercises
  • Assisting with Oral and Topical Medications
  • Maintaining Comfort, Safety, and Positioning
  • Assisting with Meal Set Up and Preparation

If interested in applying and joining our team of dedicated health care professionals, please fill out the application for employment under the employment tab or stop by our office today!

5 Reasons To Try Mist Therapy Today

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  1. Pain Free Delivery
    Mist Therapy is a painless, non-contact, low frequency ultrasound for an open wound.

  2. Promotes Healing
    A saline mist is used to kill the bacteria on the surface, while stimulating the cells below to accelerate the healing process. It causes an increase of nutrients and oxygen to be brought to the tissue.

  3. Supported by Clinical Evidence
    Mist Therapy has been supported by an array of clinical evidence.

  4. Easy Use and Set Up
    Mist Therapy uses a quick and easy to use system that can be administered by a trained healthcare professional.

  5. Time Effective
    Mist Therapy only takes two and a half minutes to administer and it helps wounds heal faster than traditional wound care.

Call Kaerbear’s Healthcare today to learn more about Mist Therapy and to inquire about how to get started.

What is Mist Therapy?

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Kaerbear’s Healthcare is now offering Mist Therapy!

Mist therapy is a painless, non-contact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a fluid mist directly to the wound.

Unlike most wound treatment, mist therapy penetrates deep below the surface.

Mist therapy promotes healing by increasing oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients to the tissue.

Benefits of mist therapy include:

  • reduced wound size

  • reduced pain

  • decreased healing time

  • decreased inflammation

  • decreased bacteria on the skin

Mist therapy is proven to be safe and supported by a vast array of clinical evidence.

Why Home Care is the Best Alternative to Assisted Living Facilities

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Is it no longer safe for your loved one to live on their own? Many families struggle with the decision of the best living situation for their aging family members.  This can be a very troubling process.  Both home care and assisted living facilities can improve a person’s life and well-being tremendously.  Home care is the best alternate to assisted living facilities for several reasons.


As people age, they become less independent.   Home care enables people to receive the best care, while maintaining the most independence.  They can make many of their own decisions and still live their lives how they choose to.  They are able to plan when family and friends can visit and are not restricted by visiting hours.

Improves Well-Being and Quality of Life

It is very beneficial to receive professional care in the comfort of your home.  Home care allows people to receive assistance with daily tasks, while also letting them remain in a setting that they are familiar with.  Feelings of depression and loneliness are typically decreased with home care.


When people remain in their homes and receive care, they can maintain their same daily routine.  Most of the time, the person will be receiving care from the same caregiver.  This allows them to build a relationship with their caregiver.

Safer Environment

Most of the time people recovering in their own homes will recover faster and have fewer complications than in an assisted living facility.  They are also less likely to catch a contagious illness or infection in their own home.

Home care offers all these advantages and more.  Family members will have a peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving care by trained professionals in the comfort of their home.