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5 Reasons To Try Mist Therapy Today

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  1. Pain Free Delivery
    Mist Therapy is a painless, non-contact, low frequency ultrasound for an open wound.

  2. Promotes Healing
    A saline mist is used to kill the bacteria on the surface, while stimulating the cells below to accelerate the healing process. It causes an increase of nutrients and oxygen to be brought to the tissue.

  3. Supported by Clinical Evidence
    Mist Therapy has been supported by an array of clinical evidence.

  4. Easy Use and Set Up
    Mist Therapy uses a quick and easy to use system that can be administered by a trained healthcare professional.

  5. Time Effective
    Mist Therapy only takes two and a half minutes to administer and it helps wounds heal faster than traditional wound care.

Call Kaerbear’s Healthcare today to learn more about Mist Therapy and to inquire about how to get started.