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Heat Rash: What is it & How Do You Treat it?

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What is It:

While newborns are the most susceptible to a heat rash, they can affect everyone from babies to older adults. Heat rashes are especially common during the summer months when it is hot and humid.  A heat rash occurs when sweat ducts are clogged.  The perspiration becomes trapped under the skin, which causes inflammation, redness, and can become itchy.  At times, the rash appears to look like tiny blisters.

How to Treat it:

Typically, a heat rash will go away on its own within a couple of days; however, severe conditions may need medical treatment.  The best way to treat a heat rash is to avoid sweating and going out into the sun.  Try to keep the skin cool but avoid heavy ointments that may block the pores.  Wear breathable fabric that will all the sweat to evaporate.

When to See a Doctor:

See a doctor if the rash does not begin to go away within a couple days, begins to get worse, or shows signs of infection.  These signs of infection can include fever, pain, warmth around the affected area, and pus draining from the blisters.

How to Prevent a Heat Rash:

To help prevent a heat rash, avoid wearing tight fitting clothing. Try to dress in cotton or another soft, lightweight material.  When its very hot, avoid staying in direct sunlight for too long.  Take breaks from the sun and move into the shade or an air conditioned building. Ensure that your sleeping area is kept cool.