How to Make an Emergency Plan

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Many people do not realize how essential it is to set up an emergency plan.  It is important to know which type of disasters may affect your area. There are many things to consider for you and your family members before disaster strikes.

Discuss an emergency plan with your family.

You and your family should discuss what your evacuation plan is and your evacuation route. You may not be with your family when disaster strikes, so you should discuss how you are going to communicate with each other. Phone systems may be down, so you may need to step up an alternate form of communication. You should also collect a copy of the contact information of all family members, doctors, schools, and service providers.

Consider the needs of your loved ones.

You and your family should discuss the dietary needs of each individual, the medical needs, including medication and equipment, disabilities and functional devices required, and pets and service animals. If you have a loved one that undergoes routine treatments by a healthcare facility, find out their emergency plan and identify backup providers.

Deciding to stay or go.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, you will have to decide whether to stay put or evacuate. A plan should be put in place for both possibilities. If you are advised to evacuate, you should do so immediately. You should make arrangements in advance if you are going to evacuate. If it is safer to stay put, ensure that you have supplies that will last you at least a week.

Create an emergency supply kit.

Create an emergency supply kit with basic supplies that includes nonperishable food, water to last at least 3 days, a battery operated or hand crank radio, flash light with extra batteries, first aid kit, and pet food.

Practice your emergency plan with your family.