Senior Home Safety Checklist

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As we age, most of us would like to stay in our homes for as long as possible. For some seniors, this is not possible; however, for others a few adaptations can greatly increase their independence and safety while in the home. Use this checklist to ensure your loved ones’ homes are safe and they can be as independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Living Area:

  • Are there area rugs?
    • Remove all throw rugs. Area rugs can pose as a tripping hazard.
  • Is there adequate lighting?
    • Add additional lighting or color strips on steps or change in floor heights.
  • Are there electrical cords that could pose as a tripping hazard?
    • Run electrical cords behind furniture and use power strips if needed.
  • Is furniture an appropriate height to enable senior to get up and down without difficulty?
    • Make sure furniture is at an appropriate height with arm rests that can assist in getting up.


  • Are there area rugs?
    • Remove area rugs and ensure carpeting is level and even.
  • Is there clutter that makes getting around difficult?
    • Remove clutter that can pose a tripping hazard and make it hard to maneuver around the room.
  • Is the bed at an appropriate height?
    • Ensure feet can be flat on the floor and knees are not above the hips.
  • Is there adequate lighting at night?
    • Consider using night lights and having flashlights near the bed.


  • Are there grab bars near the toilet, tub, and shower?
    • Installing grab bars are a great way to help prevent bathroom falls.
  • Is the toilet too low or too high?
    • Ensure your loved one is able to get on and off the toilet without trouble.
  • If there is a tub, are they able to lift their leg to get into the bath?
    • If not, it would be a good idea to have a walk in shower installed.
  • Is the floor of the tub/shower slippery?
    • Use non skid material in the tub/shower to help prevent falls.


  • Are the cabinets at an appropriate height?
    • Make sure items in cabinets are accessible.
  • Is there clutter on the countertops or floor?
    • Keep commonly used items within reach.
  • Is food properly stored?
    • Make sure food is not spoiled and properly stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Is there enough lighting?
    • Consider under counter lighting.


  • If there are steps, are handrails installed?
    • Ensure there is at least one hand rail at stairs.
  • Is the walkway level?
    • Repair unlevel walkways or add handrails.
  • Is there adequate lighting at night?
    • Add outdoor lighting or motion activated lights.